Micro Pipette Tips

Micro Pipette Tips

Micro pipette tips are THERMO SCIENTIFIC brand small disposable tips that attach to the end of micropipettes and are used to correctly dispense small amounts of liquid in laboratory applications is a well-known distributors, traders, suppliers in Mumbai, India. The tips are available in a number of diameters to suit varying volumes and are produced from a variety of materials depending on the purpose.

micro pipette tips

The following are some popular varieties of micro pipette tips and their properties:

  • Polypropylene tips: Polypropylene tips are the most popular form of micro pipette tip and are appropriate for the majority of general-purpose laboratory applications. They are composed of a thermoplastic polymer that is resistant to most chemicals and can be sterilised in an autoclave.
  • Low-retention tips: Low-retention tips are coated with a hydrophobic coating, which lowers liquid adherence and sample loss. They are frequently utilised in situations requiring accurate and precise dispensing of costly or difficult-to-handle samples.
  • Filtered tips: Filtered tips contain a hydrophobic membrane that reduces aerosol contamination and pipette obstruction by preventing particles from entering the pipette. They are frequently employed in applications requiring sterile conditions, such as cell culture.
  • Conductive tips: These tips are constructed of conductive materials such as carbon or carbon-filled polypropylene and are used in applications that require grounding or electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, such as electronics or semiconductor production.
  • Extended-length tips: These tips are longer than regular tips and are used to reach the bottom of deep or narrow containers, such as microcentrifuge tubes or 96-well plates.
  • Overall, micro pipette tips are critical instruments for accurate and precise liquid handling in laboratory settings, and selecting the proper type of tip may increase the accuracy, precision, and dependability of your experimental results.

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