Micro Pipette Tips

Micro Pipette Tips

A pipette is a simple, yet critical scientific instrument used in labs all over the world to transfer a quantified liquid volume precisely from one container to another. Today, pipettes are available in a variety of formats ranging from simple plastic tubes to precise electronic instruments. Regardless of the type of pipette you might have seen in a lab, one component ubiquitous to all pipettes is the pipette tip, which is a simple, plastic molded and disposable head of the equipment. In other words, a pipette is of no use without its pipette tip!

The process of manufacturing a pipette tip might vary from one manufacturer to another, however, the basic principles remain largely the same. The process of manufacturing a plastic pipette tip having a long capillary at the front comprises of the following steps:

  • Injection molding of a pipette tip in a mold.
  • Opening of the mold and drawing the plastic section into a capillary.
  • The unsolidified plastic section is selectively heated.
  • The tip is drawn vertically, and the tip is shaped using a molding element.

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