Karl Fischer Solution

Karl Fischer Solution

Karl Fischer titration, a brand name of Qualigens, is a titration technique that may be used to quantify the water content of an analyte using either volumetric or coulometric methods. In Mumbai, India, it has renowned distributors, suppliers, and traders. The most accurate and trustworthy method for determining trace moisture in a variety of materials is the Karl Fischer Solution. With this solution, even the tiniest quantity of water contained in sample materials may be promptly and precisely identified. Karl Fischer Solution can identify water residue with unmatched precision no matter what kind of material you are testing, saving you time and delivering very precise data for your records. Our long-standing reputation as a leader in this field makes us an excellent choice for any project requiring accurate moisture detection solutions.

Karl Fischer Solution

Principle of Karl Fischer

The idea of Karl Fischer’s titration is solely based on the oxidation reaction between sulphur dioxide and iodine. Iodine and sulphur dioxide react with water to form hydrogen iodide and sulphur trioxide, respectively. When all the water is drank, it reaches a conclusion. The chemical equation that takes place for the reaction between sulphur dioxide, iodine, and water (which is applied during the Karl Fischer titration) is provided below.

  • I₂ + SO₂ + H₂O → 2HI + SO₃

Applications of Karl Fischer

  • It can be used in technical products such as plastics, oils, gases
  • It is used in cosmetic products
  • It is used in pharmaceutical products
  • It is used in the industry

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