Industrial Chemicals, Lab Chemicals, Laboratory Glass wares, Filter Papers, Liquid Handling Instruments. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Mumbai, India


  Zero Air Generator
Nitrogen Air Generator
Cylinder Bracket & Trolley
Gas Distribution Panel
Mechanical - Automatic Manifold Panel
Oil Free Compressor & Vacuum Pump
Water Purification System


  TSP HPLC System
Temperature Controller
Netel Gas Chromatograph
Hplc Loops
Jasco Hplc System
Waters Hplc System
Parallel Display Balance
Shimadzu Hplc System


  Manual Manifold
Fume Hood
Gas Flow Meter
Digtal Automatic Manifold
Uv-Visible Spectrophoto Meter
Tubing & Casing Caping
Ir & Ftir Accessories
  Mak Gas Chromatograph
Rheodyne Injector
Chemito Gas Chromatograph
Hplc Column Oven
Ultrasonic Bath
"Qualigens" Lab. Glass wares, Filter Papers, Chemicals, CultureMedia,Disinfectants,Liquid Handling Instruments, Water Test Kits. Laboratory & Industrial Chemicals Surgical Items, Test Sieves, Scientific Instruments & Equipments, Thermometers, Silica ware, TLC Plates, HPLC Columns, Membrane and All kinds of Labware & Accessories.

Analytical Lab Instruments

We are one of the leading manufacturers, traders and exporters of diverse kinds of Analytical Lab Instruments

 Mak Gas Chromatograph

Mak Gas Chromatograph

We have in store an extensive range of Mak Gas Chromatographs. There is a widespread demand for these in applications like Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Dyes, and Colleges. Our products are known for their easy to operate nature and highly functional quality. These are also equipped with rotating plugs.


Rheodyne Injector

Rheodyne Injector
These Rheodyne Injectors are one of the best products available in the current market. Our clients can avail these at affordable prices.

  Chemito Gas Chromatograph

Chemito Gas Chromatograph
Our Chemito Gas Chromatographs are commonly used in varied kinds of industrial applications. These are highly helpful in conducting analysis of liquid and gas samples that are added to them with the use of syringes and sampling valves. Our clients can avail these with customized solutions to meet all kinds of specifications. 

  Hplc Column Oven

(Item Code: HCO-01)  
Hplc Column Oven
We put forth HPLC Column Oven that can be availed in diverse sizes. These are designed in accordance with the international standards of quality. Our clients can avail these in different models at cost-effective prices. Moreover, We maintain strict control over all the processes related to the enterprise in order to provide best possible products for customers. 

  Ultrasonic Bath

(Item Code: UB-01)  
Ultrasonic Bath
We put forth Ultrasonic Bath that is made in one piece SS Tank. These are easy to operate and are manufactured using the technological knowledge gained from study of the market. Furthermore, these also have an auto tuning facility installed into them. Shifting of frequency is avoided in generators even during demanding applications with the help the digital tuning of transducers. These are meant for longer and safer operations because of their extensively protected electronic circuits. Our systems are known for their ruggedness, compact size and durability. 
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