Rubber Bulb

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rubber bulb
Autoclavable Not Autoclavable
Type Bulb
Material Rubber
Color Red
For Use With (Equipment) Large pipettes and syringes

A Rubber Bulb is a rubber device used to create suction or to force air or liquids through a tube. A rubber bulb's composition varies depending on the device's design and purpose, but in general, rubber bulbs are made of natural or synthetic rubber materials obtained from well-known approved wholesalers. In Mumbai, India LOCAL / INDIGENOUS is also a trader, supplier, and distributor.

Heavy-walled necks give a strong leak-proof grip, and these easy-to-handle rubber bulbs are ideal for big pipettes and syringes. Natural rubber is a long polymer chain formed from the sap of rubber trees. Synthetic rubber, on the other hand, is made from petroleum-based substances and is composed of polymers. Both types of rubber may be used to produce rubber bulbs. Thick-walled necks provide a solid, leak-proof grip. Use these easy-to-grip rubber bulbs with large pipettes and syringes.

Depending on its intended application, rubber bulbs may additionally include other materials or components. A rubber bulb used for medical suction, for example, may have a valve or a release mechanism to regulate the amount of suction exerted. Similarly, for precise application, a rubber bulb used for liquid transfer may have a nozzle or tube connected to one end. A rubber bulb's overall composition is mostly composed of rubber, which provides the flexibility and resilience required to generate suction or drive air or liquids down a tube.

Rubber bulbs have a wide range of applications due to their adaptability and ease of usage. Rubber bulbs are commonly used for the following purposes:

  • Medical suction: Rubber bulbs are often used in medical settings to produce suction and remove fluids from the body during operations such as suctioning the airway, emptying the bladder or stomach, or cleaning mucus from the airways.
  • Liquid transfer: Rubber bulbs can be used to transport tiny volumes of liquid from one container to another with accuracy. They are often used in labs to administer tiny quantities of reagents, chemicals, or samples.
  • Air control: Rubber bulbs are used to regulate the flow of air via devices such as gas chromatographs, respirators, and other types of equipment that need precise control of air flow.
  • Photography: Rubber bulbs are often used in photography as a technique for dusting lenses and camera sensors to keep them clean.
  • Cleaning: Rubber bulbs can be used to blow air into hard-to-reach spaces for cleaning or dusting, such as computer keyboards, camera equipment, and musical instruments.
  • Overall, Rubber bulbs are frequently utilised in a wide range of applications that need a rapid and accurate technique of producing suction or regulating air or liquid movement.

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