Paraffin - Sealing Film

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Paraffin Sealing Film
Size 4 inch
Packaging Type Roll
Usage Packaging, Binding, Sealing
Length 125 ft

We are one of the leading companies in the business, providing Parafilm Tape to our valued clients. The provided parafilm tapes are prepared in accordance with industry standards and are well-known for their moisture-holding capabilities. These films have accurate dimensions and are available at reasonable costs. Paraffin sealing film is a type of film that is commonly used in laboratories to seal or cover containers such as microplates, petri dishes, and other containers used in cell culture and molecular biology applications is a well-known traders, distributors, suppliers in Mumbai, India. Paraffin sealing film is made from a thin layer of paraffin wax that is adhered to a flexible plastic film, such as polyethylene or polypropylene. The paraffin layer acts as an impermeable barrier to gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as liquids such as water and ethanol. This aids with the prevention of sample contamination and evaporation during storage and transit.


    Paraffin sealing film is a form of packaging material that is frequently used to wrap food goods in order to keep them fresh and avoid decomposition. The following are some of the important characteristics of paraffin sealing film:

  • Superb barrier properties: Paraffin sealing film is intended to act as an efficient barrier against oxygen, moisture, and other pollutants that might cause food to degrade.
  • High melting point: Due to its high melting point, paraffin sealing film is perfect for use with hot food products.
  • Flexibility: Since paraffin sealing film is flexible, it may be readily moulded to match the contour of the food product being wrapped.
  • Easy to use: Paraffin sealing film is simple to use and may be cut to size with a pair of scissors.
  • Cost-effective: Paraffin sealing film is a low-cost solution for food packaging, making it a favourite choice among small-scale producers.
  • Environmentally friendly: Because paraffin sealing film is biodegradable and can be disposed of in a compost heap, it is an environmentally responsible solution for food packaging.


    The characteristics of paraffin sealing film might differ based on the manufacturer and intended usage. Nonetheless, some popular paraffin sealing film requirements include:

  • Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and paraffin wax are commonly used to make paraffin sealing film.
  • Thickness: Depending on the application, the thickness of paraffin sealing film can range from 8 microns to 30 microns.
  • Width: Depending on the intended usage, the width of paraffin sealing film can range from a few centimetres to several metres.
  • Roll length: Paraffin sealing film is frequently marketed in rolls with lengths ranging from a few metres to hundreds of metres.

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