Nitrile Gloves Powder Free

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nitrile gloves powder free
Country of Origin Made in India
Item Material Nitrile
Coating Full Dipped
Color Pink
Item Type Powdered
Packaging Type Packet
Pattern Plain

Nitrile Gloves Powder Free are formed from a synthetic rubber component called nitrile, which is composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene. KIMBERLY CLARK / VWR is a well-known trader, supplier, and distributor in Mumbai, India. The manufacturing process entails combining these two compounds with other components to create a strong and flexible glove material. The exact composition of nitrile gloves varies depending on the manufacturer, however they are often made out of a combination of nitrile polymer, fillers, and other additives. The nitrile polymer is the primary component responsible for the glove's strength and flexibility. Fillers are used in gloves to improve mechanical properties such as tear and puncture resistance. Other additives, such as antimicrobial agents, colourants, or process accelerators, may be added.

Nitrile gloves can also be either powdered or powder-free. Powdered gloves contain a small amount of cornstarch or other powder to make them easier to put on and take off, while powder-free gloves are treated with a chlorination process to make them easier to don and doff without powder. It's worth noting that nitrile gloves are generally considered to be less harmful to the environment than latex gloves, as they are more resistant to degradation and do not release latex proteins into the environment. However, like all disposable gloves, nitrile gloves should be properly disposed of after use to prevent contamination and protect the environment.

Nitrile gloves are versatile and widely used in various industries due to their durability, flexibility, and resistance to punctures, tears, and chemicals. Some of the common uses of nitrile gloves include:

  • Medical sector: Nitrile gloves are frequently used in the medical business to protect healthcare personnel and patients against infections, illnesses, and pollution. They are suited for usage in high-risk scenarios like as surgeries and other medical operations because they provide great protection against blood-borne pathogens and other infectious materials.
  • Food industry: Nitrile gloves are also used in the food industry to maintain cleanliness and avoid contamination. They are suitable for handling food goods since they are latex-free and do not contain any allergic proteins.
  • Cleaning industry: Nitrile gloves are often used to protect employees' hands from harsh cleaning chemicals and abrasive materials in the cleaning business. They are resistant to solvents, oils, and other chemicals, making them a perfect choice for cleaning.
  • Automotive industry: Nitrile gloves are also utilised in the automobile sector, notably in mechanics' shops and garages. Workers' hands are shielded from chemicals, lubricants, and other automotive fluids, as well as sharp items like as screws and bolts.
  • Manufacturing industry In the industrial business, nitrile gloves are used to protect employees' hands from chemicals and other hazardous products such as paints, solvents, and adhesives.
  • Overall, nitrile gloves are utilised in a variety of applications where hand protection is required to maintain cleanliness, avoid contamination, and protect employees from potentially dangerous chemicals.

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