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heating mantle

A heating mantle is a laboratory device used to heat or maintain the temperature of a flask or beaker holding a material. It is a well-known distributor, trader, and supplier of the brand METALAB / IKA in Mumbai, India. It is often made out of a cylindrical heating source encased in a textile mantle that may be wrapped around the vessel to be heated. The heating mantle is designed to evenly distribute heat across the container, allowing for precise and consistent temperature control. It is widely used in chemical and biological labs for a wide range of applications such as distillation, refluxing, and temperature-sensitive operations. Heating mantles are available in a number of sizes and designs to accommodate a wide range of vessel sizes and shapes. They can be operated manually or digitally, allowing for accurate measurements. The use of a heated mantle avoids the need for direct contact with an open flame, lowering the danger of accidents and offering a safer heating option. Overall, the heating mantle is a flexible laboratory equipment that enables accurate and consistent temperature control for a wide range of scientific applications.

For Flask Cap (ml) 50/100 250 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000 20000
Wattage 60 150 200 300 450 450 600 2x600 3x600

Specifictaions of Heating Mantle:

    Heating mantles can be used in a variety of scientific situations, including:

  • Distillation: Heating mantles are often employed in distillation methods such as fractional distillation to give accurate and constant heating to the distilled fluid.
  • Refluxing: Heating mantles are also employed in reflux processes, which involve heating a reaction mixture for a lengthy period of time beneath a reflux condenser to allow for full reactions.
  • Reaction control: Heating mantles can be used to regulate the temperature of a reaction mixture, ensuring that it remains consistent during the process.
  • Chemical synthesis: Heating mantles are frequently used in chemical synthesis, offering a safe and effective means to heat reaction mixtures for numerous chemical processes.
  • Material processing: Heating mantles are also utilised in material processing applications such as melting or annealing of materials, where accurate and constant heating is required.
  • Heating mantles are used in a variety of scientific activities that need accurate and constant temperature control. Its simplicity of use and safety qualities make them an indispensable tool for many chemists, biologists, and researchers.

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