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Beakers are spherical, flat-bottomed, glass or plastic containers with a lip for pouring. Beakers can be used for a variety of tasks, including heating, stirring, and storing liquids. Fisherbrand Breakers are constructed of 3.3 Borosilicate Glass and are supplied by reputable Suppliers, Traders, and Distributors in Mumbai, India. Excellent mechanical strength and thermal stability are provided by the walls' uniform thickness and radius across the base, sides, and top. The spout facilitates and improves the pouring process. For every laboratory purpose, both Low Form and Tall Form are available. They are often used to measure, mix, and heat liquids in chemical labs. Beakers are available in a range of sizes, from tiny ones that can carry only a few millilitres to enormous ones that can hold many.

Beaker Berzelius

Uses of Berzelius Beaker (Tall Form), Graduated with Spout, in compliance with ISO

  • Mixing and stirring: Berzelius beakers are frequently used for mixing and stirring chemicals. They make it simple to stir and combine liquids, powders, and solids because to their flat bottoms and straight sides.
  • Eating and boiling: Using Berzelius beakers to heat or boil liquids is possible since they are heat-resistant. To heat a solution, they can be set in a water bath or on a hot plate.
  • Titration: In titration studies, which involve gradually adding one chemical solution to another until a reaction is complete, Berzelius beakers are frequently employed. The colour shift that marks the conclusion of the reaction is simple to notice because to the beaker's flat bottom and straight edges.
  • Storage: Berzelius beakers can also be used to store chemicals and solutions for later use. their wide jaws
Part No. Capacity(ml) App. O.D (mm) App. Height (mm) Qty / Case
FBG63027 50 38 70 10
FBG63028 100 48 85 10
Beakers Griffin

Uses of Griffin Beakers,(Low Form), Borosilicate Glass, Graduated with Spout, in compliance with ISO

  • Evaporation: Griffin beakers may be used for evaporating liquids since their large surface area makes the process go more quickly.
  • Chemical reactions: Griffin beakers are often used for a variety of chemical processes, including as acid-base titrations, redox reactions, and precipitation reactions. Due to the beaker's enormous size, it is simple to add chemicals and track the reaction's development.
  • Heating: Griffin beakers may be used for water baths or hot plates to heat liquids since they are heat-resistant. They are helpful for a number of heating applications since they can endure high temperatures and abrupt temperature fluctuations.
Part No. Capacity(ml) App. O.D (mm) App. Height (mm) Qty /
FBG63003 5* 22 30 10
FBG63004 10* 26 35 10
FBG63006 25 34 50 10
FBG63007 50 42 60 10
FBG63008 100 50 70 10
FBG63009 150 60 80 10
FBG6100B 250 70 95 10
FBG6100C 500 83 115 8
FBG6100D 600 90 125 8
FBG6100E 1000 105 145 6
FBG6100F 2000 132 185 2
FBG6100G 3000 146 214 1
FBG6100J 5000 170 265 1
FBG6100K 10000 220 320 1

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